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Float Commander Control System

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FLOAT COMMANDER is a user-friendly and flexible float operating system powered by Siemens.

Designed for custom-designed tanks/rooms, for outdated or unsupported control systems or to upgrade existing systems for more flexibility and functionality.

The system controls water temperature, pump, UV, float sessions as well as all electrical functions in the float room, including the exhaust fan, lights, emergency lights, etc.

Equipped with emergency stop, maintenance mode button and manual operation. User adjustable timers for float sessions and all devices, accessible through Wi-Fi for remote control, and data logging such as session counts and device data recording for maintenance and cost calculation.

The FLOAT COMMANDER system includes an external control panel for use and display outside the float room and a control unit, customized to your specifications.

The system may also be purchased with a control cabinet, all electrical components and standard cabling.

Additional options are available. User manual, installation plan and technical support are also included.

All products are warrantied for one year parts and labor, excl transport.

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