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Float Commander Features

Born out of a need for a second life float tank

FLOAT COMMANDER is an independent float operating system designed to deliver seamless coordination of the technical aspects of float room operations while ensuring reliable and consistent execution.

FLOAT COMMANDER is ideal for:

• custom built float tanks where no operating system exists;
• manufactured floatation units in need of a replacement system;
• the upgrade of an existing system where enhanced coordination, increased automation and management is sought.

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The system automates all electrically run systems in the float room, including tank operations, filtration, lighting, air supply and ventilation.

Using industrial grade components with software configured to your needs, FLOAT COMMANDER serves as the “brains” behind the entire float room’s operations, from the moment a guest enters the float room to the completion of their float session.


Floatland Float Commander Float room operations diagram 

We work with you to determine the ideal orchestration of lighting, filtration, air circulation, and ventilation to create a seamless flow.

Float cycles can be programmed according to your specifications, and maintenance and emergency modes as well as manual override give you ultimate control.

The FLOAT COMMANDER system consists of an external control panel for use and display outside the float room and a control unit that resides in the electrical cabinet. The control panel can also be operated from an identical web-based screen.


Floatland Float Commander Control Panel stainless steel front view


The control unit consists of a Siemens LOGO! Controller programmed according to client specifications. The LOGO! Controller has proven its power and reliability for more than 20 years worldwide, and its efficient and compact design save space.

Note: Additional options are available. User manual, installation plan and technical support are also included.  All products are warrantied for one year for parts and labor. 

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Floatland Float Commander Float room operations diagram