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Benefits of a Comprehensive Float Management System

You’ve made a substantial investment in your float unit.  
How do you achieve peace of mind that your float tank operations will safely, reliably and consistently deliver?

Through an Integrated Float System that Goes Beyond Your Float Tank

The FLOAT COMMANDER controls and coordinates all electrical systems in the float room, synchronizing tank operations to lighting to air supply from a touch control panel and an identical web-based screen. An operator can start the client in the float session and be assured that all systems will execute seamlessly. The control panel shows real-time status of all operations and can operate programmed float cycles or manual ones.

The FLOAT COMMANDER includes two additional modes – Maintenance and Emergency mode. Maintenance mode suspends the automated operations in order to service any of the systems. It also logs data for cost and maintenance purposes, such as number of float sessions, total float time, and service hours for pump, UV filters, and all auxiliary outputs.

As some municipalities require emergency safety protocols, the FLOAT COMMANDER includes an optional emergency stop button on the control panel which turns off electricity to the float room other than emergency lighting.

With A User-Friendly System Focused on the Fundamentals of Float Operations

The FLOAT COMMANDER has gone through significant testing and operation in several float centres. It is the culmination of over two decades of electrical engineering expertise and 5+ years expertise with both building float centres and tanks.

Engineered in collaboration with Siemens, the LOGO! Controller has proven its reliability and power for more than 20 years worldwide, and its efficient and compact design save space.

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A stream-lined interface allows you to easily control and see the status of your float tank operations all the time.

By Selecting a Customizable System for Your Needs that is Fully Transparent

The FLOAT COMMANDER is customized and programmed according to your specifications so there is no compromise buying a system that doesn’t fit your needs.  Parts are sourced from top manufacturers that can be easily exchanged and switched out, eliminating the risk of discontinued, outdated or proprietary components.  FLOAT COMMANDER's software is not dependent on outside service providers.

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