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i-sopod Float Tanks

Discover the Benefits of Owning an i-sopod 

Introducing the i-sopod to Benelux

i-sopod is a revolutionary float pod manufacturer, creating the first-ever floatation pod.

Modern design. Contemporary appeal. Reliable performance. Top support.  Floating fan favorite.

i-sopod is a market leader in supplying float centres in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. It is the preferred choice of float centre owners who appreciate the long-term value in buying a superior quality product. Perfectly suited for a busy spa or wellness centre and as an adjunct therapy for physiotherapy practices and sports clubs.

Out of our own research of the float industry, we chose to represent the i-sopod float tanks for the Benelux region. Your investment should pay off, both in the performance and support of your tank and your success in the floating business.  It’s not always easy to identify those factors - let us help you.

Purchasing an i-sopod allows you to enjoy the benefit of vast marketing knowledge and almost 30 years operating in the float sector. The i-sopod business model stands up, whether for a new or an existing business.

Together with my colleague Ann Van Elsen, we started the Experience Centre in Ghent, Belgium in January 2020 to promote this first-class float tank in Benelux!  In addition to the sale and installation of the tanks, we offer advice and support to our customers, from the beginning of the planning stage through the installation and start-up of your i-sopod tanks. Our goal is to help you launch as smoothly as possible and assist you along the process.


Want to Learn More?

Start with free i-sopod brochures.

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Ready to take a next step?

You may request a price quote, or we highly recommend the three options below if you are excited about learning and experiencing more about what i-sopod has to offer. 

Option 1.  Visit the i-sopod Experience Centre in Ghent, Belgium - 50 Euro VAT included

Experience the i-sopod in action!  Fill out the Inquiry Form, and we'll get in touch with you to schedule a float in our demo centre.  We'll give you a tour of the tank and set you up for a 60-minute float session.  The 50 Euro cost is 100% refundable against the price of your first i-sopod purchase from us.

Option 2.  Get Educated about The Business of Running a Float Centre – 500 Euro ex VAT (refundable with i-sopod purchase)

Get down into the numbers with The i-sopod Business Plan Pack, a detailed floatation business plan with financial projections and market analysis based on results from Floatworks in London. It is based on nearly 30 years experience operating float centres. 

The full pack is delivered in English, and will be emailed to you upon purchase.  

The 500 Euro (ex VAT) cost is 100% applied towards the purchase of your first i-sopod from us if you're located within the Benelux region.  If you are located elsewhere, we will work with i-sopod to receive your refund if you purchase from another authorized dealer.

Option 3.  Go Deep at the Startup Accelerator in Ghent, Belgium – 950 Euro ex VAT (refundable with i-sopod purchase)

For those ready for a “deeper dive” and more comprehensive discovery into operating a float centre , we offer a half-day intensive, The Startup Accelerator. This option includes the above two options, plus personalized recommendations and advice on all aspects of design, layout, and site considerations depending on your situation.

The meeting is held in English or Dutch and includes four hours with Geert and Ann at the Experience Centre in Ghent.  Fill out the Inquiry Form, and we will get in touch to schedule your intensive.  

The 950 Euro (ex VAT) cost is 100% applied towards the price of your first i-sopod purchase within two years.  If you are located outside the Benelux, we will work with i-sopod to give you a 50% refund if you purchase your i-sopod.



What's Your Next Step?  Fill out the Inquiry Form for Option 1, 2 and 3 or to receive more information.  


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